Debut album is done!!

If you haven’t heard about our debut, self-titled album completion yet, then you probably haven’t met any of the band or seen any of our social media in the past few weeks because WE ARE DONE! It will be released online on Saturday, February 10! To celebrate this achievement, we are hosting a FREE, unticketed concert in Legacy Hall in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts in Columbus, Ga that evening at 7:30pm. We would love to see you there to hear the album played live and purchase a CD. We’ll be heading over to The Loft after the concert for a 21+ celebration. If you purchase one of our CDs and show it at the door, they’ll waive the cover charge!

EVENT: Wolf & Clover’s debut CD release concert
Saturday, February 10, 2018
TIME: 7:30pm
Legacy Hall, RiverCenter for the Performing Arts in Columbus, GA

A lot of people helped make this happen, the most important of which is probably our very own Matt McCabe. He did all of the mixing and mastering for the entire album. That was hundreds of hours spent making sure that each and every track sounds the absolute best it can be. We also need to thank Justin Belew at Bibb City Sound and the Loft Recording Studio for allowing us to use their space to record the album. The talented Joseph Melancon created and designed our album artwork, a preview of which is now at the top of this post and on our Facebook page. Additional recognition and gratitude to Neal Lucas, Mike Jerel Johnson, Robert Sharpe, Buddy Nelms, Columbus State University’s Schwob School of Music, John Feeney, Frank Schley IV & Sylvan Guitars, the Auburn Irish Music Session (Scott, James, Ralph, Casey, Brie, Craig, and everyone), Dr. Bradley Palmer, Nathalie Joachim, Ksenia Kurenysheva, and all of our friends and families. We spent evenings, weekends, and any other time of day to work on this. These people played important roles in both our development as a band and in the creation of the album.

All arrangements by Wolf & Clover except “Go and Leave Me” arranged by Neal Lucas, Mike Jerel Johnson, and Wolf & Clover.  Special appearances by Neal Lucas (guitar) and Mike Jerel Johnson (vocals) on “Go and Leave Me”, and Robert Sharpe (guitar) on “The Maggies”. Blue Sky © 1998 Patty Griffin.

Jeremy Bass – guitar, mandolin
Justin Belew – guitar, accordion, bass, percussion, vocals, smallpipes
Jessica Bennett – violin, viola, vocals
Matthew McCabe – banjo, bouzoukis, bodhrán, percussion, bass, vocals
Stephanie Erdman Payne – flutes and whistles, vocals

Recorded by Matthew McCabe and Justin Belew at Bibb City Sound and the Loft Recording Studio in Columbus, GA.  Mixed and Mastered by Matthew McCabe.  Produced by Wolf & Clover.  Design and Artwork by Joseph Melancon.


© 2018 Wolf & Clover


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