About Us

Wolf & Clover takes inspiration from a variety of musical genres, with heavy influence coming from the Irish (and other Celtic) traditions as well as the individual backgrounds of each member of the group. We like new tunes, especially Irish-style tunes written by living composers, and the oldest of the old at the same time. Sometimes we take risks with harmony and decorations.

Wolf & Clover is also committed to An Ghaeilge (the Irish Language) and has worked on several recording projects with singers in that language.

Our Recordings

Live at the Silvan Sessions • Tracks
1. The Columbus Set (Molly Bawn, River Skimmer, Winter in Columbus) 4:21
2. The First Avenue Set (At the Top of Cork Road, First Avenue, The Merry Maiden) 2:39
3. After the Battle of Aughrim / Eleanor Plunkett 8:21
4. The Suitor Set (Emma’s Waltz, Lonesome Eyes, The Four Kisses) 6:41
5. The Blarney Pilgrim 3:06
6. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music 6:19

Wolf & Clover • Tracks
1. The First Avenue Set (At the Top of Cork Road, First Avenue, The Merry Maiden) 2:38
2. The Wild Goose (Roud 328 via Kate Rusby) 4:08
3. Tam Lin / The Bucks of Oranmore 4:16
4. Shanagolden (Roud 330, lyrics by Sean McCarthy) 4:50
5. After the Battle of Aughrim / Seán Ryan’s / Maggie in the Woods 3:52
6. Eleanor Plunkett 3:32
7. Go and Leave Me (feat. Mike Jerel and Neal Lucas) 4:24
8. Sí Bheag Sí Mhór 3:08
9. A Chailín Álainn 4:16
10. The First Night Set (The First Night in America, Jerry’s Beaver Hat, Will Smith’s) 2:56
11. The Maggies (Drowsy Maggie, Sleepy Maggie, The Magpie’s Nest) 3:18
12. Blue Sky (Patty Griffin) 3:45

Drop us a line at info@wolfandclover.com.

All photographs on this site were taken by the superbly talented Bekah Moon Barrow / Promise the Moon Photography. Our 2018 album cover was designed by Joseph Melancon / Lost Rest. Our 2020 live album photograph was created using still frames from the video captured by Bennett Counts.

Please visit the artists and craftspeople whose beautiful instruments we play:

Matt and Julian play various instruments built or restored by Frank Schley IV of Silvan Guitars, headquartered right here in Columbus, GA.  Matt also plays a Clareen banjo built by Tom Cussen in beautiful Clarinbridge, Co. Galway.  Caroline, Justin, and Matt play accordions that wouldn’t work without the expertise of Jack Brantley at Accordionology in Atlanta, GA.

A Statement About Management

Wolf & Clover does not have, nor have we ever had, a “manager”. We value collaboration, creativity, communication, and musical innovation. We achieve this through working together on every aspect of our group from composition and arranging to design and marketing. We have recently become aware that one or more individuals is claiming to have been our manager – this is not accurate and is a misrepresentation of how we work and our values as a group. For more information, please contact us at info@wolfandclover.com and we would be happy to discuss.