Our new 2022 studio album in CD format.



Our second studio album featuring many tunes written by living musicians in the Celtic music world.

1. The Columbus Set (Molly Bawn, River Skimmer, Winter in Columbus) 4:13
2. The Animal Set (Crested Hens, Emmett’s Hedgehog, Gathering Sheep) 4:18
3. The Unquiet Grave 5:06
4. The James Carville Set (The Congress, Funk the Cajun Blues) 4:54
5. An Rógaire Dubh (The Dark-Haired Rogue) 4:07
6. The Whistle Set (Dancing Donkeys, Ella’s Jig, Phrygian Whistle) 4:31
7. An Eriskay Love Lilt 2:16
8. The Suitor Set (Emma’s Waltz, Lonesome Eyes, The Four Kisses) 6:31
9. The Bedroom Set (Snug in the Blanket, Behind the Bush in the Garden, Wallop the Spot) 4:18
10. Into the Mystic (Van Morrison) 4:07
11. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music 6:19


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