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The Columbus Set
Tunes: Georgia Belle, River Skimmer (N. Williams), Winter in Columbus (M. Duggar)
Reels, Instrumental. An energetic and fun tribute to our hometown of Columbus, GA.

The Animal Set
Tunes: Crested Hens (G. Chabenat), Emmett’s Hedgehog (N. Vallely), Gathering Sheep (P. O’Riada)
Instrumental. Crested Hens was originally a bourée, but we’ve rendered it here more like a waltz, and played beautifully by Jessica. Hedgehog is a brilliant jig by Niall Vallely, and Gathering Sheep (officially The Bullock on the Bonnet, but we learned it as Gathering Sheep) is a reel that really cooks along. We put these tunes together for no other reason than they all mention animals in the title, but it has become one of our favorites.

The Unquiet Grave
From The Child Ballads (#78). Sung in English, possibly from the 16th century. Features Hammond B3 organ (played by Matt) and stunning vocals from Shellie, alongside some dark harmonies that Julian devised.

The James Carville Set
Tunes: The Congress, Funk the Cajun Blues (G. O’Connor)
Featuring Wildman Steve Bronson, washboard, and Chris Reichmeier, pandiero 
Instrumental. Congress is a traditional reel that we learned from Seamus Egan in a group lesson on Zoom during the pandemic. Funk is a lot of fun, and putting the two tunes together, we could only think of James Carville as the embodiment of tunes that mention both a legislative body and three Southern American musical styles.

An Rógaire Dubh (The Dark-Haired Rogue)
Sung in the Irish Language. Our version of the common sean-nós song, which is quite different from the traditional way of performing this tune. Features Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes keyboard instruments, as well as an excellent guitar solo by Julian and a breathy, introspective vocal performance by Shellie.

The Whistle Set
Tunes: Dancing Donkeys (S. Ager), Ella’s Jig (C. Walton), Phrygian Whistle (PJ Monserrat)
Instrumental. Starts slow with Simon’s tune, and progresses through Chris’ exciting jig (written for his daughter) and finishes with PJ Monserrat’s rippin’ Phrygian Whistle. Chris shines on this track, and it shows just how good a whistle player he is.

An Eriskay Love Lilt
Sung in English and Irish. A little ditty, the last recording of which (that we could find) was 1964’s version by Judith Durham & The Seekers, which is as cheesy as it gets. We imagine this tune more as the “struttin’ down the road” song of a womanizer, moving from town to town, rather than the saccharine version recorded in other eras. It’s also much prettier in Irish 🙂

The Suitor Set
Tunes: Emma’s Waltz, Lonesome Eyes (J. Holland), The Four Kisses (P. Ourçeau)
Instrumental. A love story, in the typical Celtic fashion, but told as a tone-poem. Boy meets girl, becomes enamored, struggles to express himself, and finally wins the reluctant maid over in the end.

The Bedroom Set 
Tunes: Snug in the Blanket, Behind the Bush in the Garden, Wallop the Spot
Instrumental. We are being sneaky here with the “plot” of this set, but just take a quick look at the tune names. Might be rated R in some countries.

Into the Mystic (originally by Van Morrison)
Tune:  The Gypsy (D. Panting)
Featuring Sean O’Rourke, drums
Our version of the Van Morrison classic. Our recording of this song should not be taken as support for Mr. Morrison’s recent comments on the COVID pandemic.

O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music
Featuring Bryan Canonigo, flute, and Russell Brown, clarinet
Instrumental lament, reportedly written by O’Carolan as he lay on his deathbed in the 18th century. Our arrangement here was originally conceived for the Savannah Irish Festival, when our friend Russell Brown happened to show up with his clarinet at the last minute. We rehearsed this tune about an hour before our show, and did it with Russell in front of a wonderful audience that afternoon.


Produced by Wolf & Clover
Recorded by Wolf & Clover at The Loft Recording Studio, Columbus, GA
Mixing & Mastering:  Matthew McCabe
Portions recorded at Smith’s Cottage (Glencolmcille, Co. Donegal, Ireland), and Columbus Music Academy.
All songs arranged by Wolf & Clover except An Rógaire Dubh, arranged by Julian Chalon 
Artwork drawn, designed, typeset, and everything else by Joseph Melancon.


Julian Chalon, guitar and bass
Michelle DeBruyn, voice and piano
Jessica Bennett-French, violin
Matthew McCabe, tenor banjo, bouzouki, button accordion, bass, cello
Caroline Richards, accordion and piano
Chris Walton, whistles

Thank You

The composers listed above for the wonderful new tunes.
Wyndhem Ennaemba / The Loft Recording Studio
Buddy Nelms / The Loft 
Frank Schley IV / Silvan Guitars
Jack Brantley / Accordionology 
Matthew Duvall / eighth blackbird
Al Cafaro
Elaine Martone
Joseph Melancon
Robert Sharpe
Oideas Gael, Co. Donegal (GRMMA)
And all of our families and friends – and you for visiting this page!